The Biostabilizer represents the culmination of years of research and development. It is the only digital and automated Pressure Biofeedback Unit (PBU) available on the market, and increases the efficiency and efficacy of lower back pain treatment.

PBUs are widely used by physical therapists for spinal stabilization and core strengthening. However, our research has indicated that the lack of digital feedback from manual units creates difficulty in determining core engagement during treatment. The Biostablizer solves this exact problem. 

Through the use of digital biofeedback, the Biostabilizer provides physical therapists with a wealth of helpful information. Once an exercise has begun, the Biostabilizer will display real-time graphical representations of pressure readings and automatically generate an alert if a patient is outside the suitable range for a given exercise. Additionally, after the patient has completed the exercise, a summary screen will be displayed, indicating when and how frequently the exercise was carried out within a suitable range.

We are currently in search of clinics interested in participating in our pilot program. If you would like to participate and gain early access to our revolutionary product, click here for more information.