We are currently in search of clinics interested in trying out our digital and automated pressure biofeedback unit. As part of the pilot program, your clinic will receive a Biostabilizer unit at no cost, as well as free full time technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly. The purpose of the pilot program is for us to gather data that will help us refine the design and functionality of our product. Therefore, all we need from you and your patients is feedback, which you will be able to send us through survey forms that we will provide. 


The Biostabilizer can greatly aid the treatment of lower back pain. The device will help your patients relearn to use their core muscles by giving them feedback as they do a number of tests. This has been shown to increase the use of core muscles intuitively. Tests that you can perform on your patients include:

 • Training the Corset Action (CA) of Transversus Abdominis (TA): Supine, DRAW

 • The Prone Test for TA and Internal Oblique (IO): Prone, draw in abdominal wall (DRAW)

 • CA of TA with Leg Loading: Supine or standing DRAW, then leg lift

 • Lumbar Stabilization during Stretching: Supine and lateral, various tests

 • Lower Trapezius: Prone, DRAW, lift arm

 • Iliopsoas: Sitting, DRAW, leg lift

 • Gluteus Maximus: Prone, DRAW, lift knee

 • Deep Cervical Flexor

Through the use of digital biofeedback, the Biostabilizer will provide you with a wealth of helpful information. Once an exercise has begun, the Biostabilizer will display real-time graphical representations of pressure readings and automatically generate an alert if a patient is outside the suitable range for a given exercise. Additionally, after the patient has completed the exercise, a summary screen will be displayed, indicating when and how frequently the exercise was carried out within a suitable range. 


What is the duration of the Biostabilizer pilot program?

This will vary based on your clients and the size of your practice. We will work closely to with you to assess the optimal duration of the program at your clinic.

Are there any expenses I have to undertake to participate in the Biostabilizer pilot program?

There is absolutely No Cost associated with the Biostabilizer Pilot Program. You can participate in the program at no cost.

What happens at the end of the Biostabilizer pilot program?

The Biostabilizer will be returned to Esurgi’s main office. If you feel like the device added value to your clinic, you will be notified when the device is available for purchase.