Current Product

At Esurgi, we are releasing our first product, the Biostabilizer. Through years of research and data collection we have found that, although core stabilization is a useful treatment for spinal stabilization and core strengthening, there remains problems in successfully implementing such treatment via the current technology on the market.

      Often times it is difficult to tell if or how well a patient is engaging their core during these exercises, diminishing the usefulness of them. Because of this, we have created a product that will help you and your patients identify this muscular misuse with ease and automation.

      Through the use of biofeedback, the Biostabilizer will display the instructions for how to perform the exercise. Once the exercise has begun, the Biostabilizer will display the real-time graphical representation of their pressure readings as well as audibly beep and flash a light when the patient is outside the suitable range for the exercise, giving clear interpretable feedback to the patient and health care provider instantly. After the patient has completed the exercise, a summary screen will display informing you and your patient when and how frequently they were performing the exercise within the suitable range. 

            The Biostabilizer is still in its beginning stages of production and is looking for constructive feedback as well as crowdfunding. We welcome you to partner with Esurgi and test our product, and in doing so, you will help us create a product that better suits your needs as a healthcare provider in return. To contact us, please visit our contact page, or call us at (760) 580-0064. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us, so any interest, questions, or feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you!